Principal Desk

“Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave.”

Every child is like a bud at birth, which is nurtured by a gardener to bloom, initially by parents and then the teachers play the role of the gardener to the child to bloom, and School is a perfect place where children are encouraged to say “I see it, I get it and I can surely do it.”

We value individualism and try to inculcate creativity, innovation and confidence in them. Besides rigorous scholastic programmes, the school has mark its name in all spheres such as art and craft, music, sports, talent exams, environmental conservation activities, disaster management plan and the list goes on… The students of KEMS are also taught to always “Look Up”, i.e. to look up to the Almighty for help, seek wisdom, strength and reassurance at times of temptations and troubles. We do provide our students the best possible opportunities in order to bestow them with holistic development, and constantly strive hard to impart, integral and impartial education giving special attention to discipline, moral values, cultural harmony, tolerance and, thus developing them into a good student and therefore a socially responsible, sincere personality and a reliable citizens of the country who will go out in the world and make us proud, which is reflected in our motto, ‘Service to Mankind.’ ‘There are challenges ahead of us, however, keeping in mind the saying ‘Goodness before Greatness’ will surely make a great difference. I am certain that with the support of management, staff, parents and students, the school will remain true to its vision and soar high in all respect in the years to come.

“Vision and Action… can change the world.”

Mrs. V.S. Beena Principal, K.E.M.S.