Aims and Objective

KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL SENIOR SECONDARY is managed by 'ANDAMAN NADAR URAVINMURAI SANGAM'. This School was established in 1993. It is recognised by the Directorate of Education, A & N Administration, Port Blair and it is affiliated by CBSE, New Delhi.

The School regards education as the most effective means of promoting national development and the integral development of the humanity.

The school is dedicated mainly towards helping the children to grow freely in clean and healthy surroundings to develop their inherent faculties and instilling them in a sense of duty, discipline, dignity and simplicity.

In addition adequate emphasis is given on patriotism and national integration. The school aim for the total development of the human personality so that at the end of the schooling the students are expected to become individuals.

(i) who are morally upright guarded by right values and courageous to stand by their convictions.

(ii) who are intellectually formed to think critically to act creatively and constructively in various situations of life.

(iii) who are true citizens of mother land.



Shri K. KAMARAJ, ranked as one of the eminent leaders and freedom fighters of early Independent India, was born on July 15, 1903 in a village Virudhupatti (Now called as Virudhunagar) in Tamil Nadu. Shri Kumarasamy and Smti Sivagamiammal were his privileged parents. The school has been named after Shri K. Kamaraj, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who is known for his administrative brilliance and his selfless devotion to the cause of the nation.

Shri K. Kamaraj won the admiration of, not only his mother state, but also the whole India. He had high influence in Indian politics in those days. He was widely known among his compatriots as "KING - MAKER" of India. Northern people used to call him as "Kala Gandhi ".

Shri K. Kamaraj was a man of action. In his period as Chief Minister, his mother state had shown tremendous achievement in industrial revolution and green revolution. He emphasised much on technical education. He, like Mahatma Gandhi, had a missionary zeal and a great vision before him. It is this zeal and vision that made him to dream the universalisation of elementary education. He pioneered in introducing free and compulsory education for all, free mid-day meal system and free uniform plus text book to the School coming under privileged children. Shri K. Kamaraj though did not posses any formal qualifications to be termed as educationalist, was a born-educationalist in its true sense. Shri K. Kamaraj led a very simple life and stood for simplicity and honesty. "Service to man kind" was always at the forefront of his thoughts and deeds. He maintained chastity till his last breath.

Such a man of Principles, lover of the down trodden, a man of great vision and a gem of the human race was a self - made man. He breathed his last on 2nd October, the day his most adorned guru Mahatma Gandhi was born. Though, he laid his mortal body down, his immortal life has captured the minds of all the people. It is not the birth, but the life he led and the deeds he left behind his death that had elevated him great.

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