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Correspondent Desk

Correspondent Desk

At the outset, I warmly invite you for surfing our school portal of “KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL”.
In the first instant, I would like to thanks you all for giving priority and choosing KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL to pursue your studies and shaping your future carrier. I strongly believe that you have made the right choice and it will make a significant future and remarkable difference in your life.
The school was named on our remarkable and eminent leader “ Shri. K.Kamaraj” former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and a great social reformer specially on educational arena. We are very happy to admit the students from the platform of economically weaker section of the society and our trust is very much eager to admit such students and offering free education and fulfilling the motto of our great leader.
There is a proverb “Bend the twig and shape the tree”, going through the proverb, the molding of character at KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL starts with the children at earlier stage from Nursery. We look at education differently in innovate manner at KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL. So far as our management we are strongly believe that the education does not lies merely in accumulation of knowledge as it lies in the formation of one’s character should be at the centre of educational enterprise. In the epoch of commercialization of education, we are the one among the school that gives education as a social profit for the society. Giving education is like planting a tree. Contribution may be small but it is sure to grow and become something magnificent and beautiful you could never been envisioned. Success in the school come out of the recognition, appreciation and confidence of students experience from the team work of school staff.
Our trust strongly believes that imparting education to all stakeholder of the society is a capital investment for empowerment & upliftment of society. We never presume education as a business.
In the capacity of Correspondent (Administrative Head of the School) , I made enormous effort to make the learning in KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL unique and interesting . In order to impart good and quality education we recruit competent teachers having good academic records and skills so as to move in the right path. Consequently to this right path KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL is dedicated to foster students intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development in order to prepare them for life in rapidly changing world. I feel success in life it is not measured by the value of money but it is measured by how you handle yourself and relate to others. All your education must make your life meaningful not only to you but also to others. This is what we aim at our school.
It gives immense pleasure that our school was achieved 100% result in the XII CBSE Board during this academic session i.e 2016-17 owing to tremendous effort of our School. Over all I am giving assurance that in KAMARAJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, we aim to challenging and supporting all the students to enable them to develop their talents and potentials to energize their skills by realizing the dreams come into true in the practical life.
Finally, on behalf of our trust, I proudly declare that our School is stepping into the 25th year of inception and eager to observe Silver Jubilee celebration during the year 2017 in a grant and remarkable manner.
I wish one and all student of our school for bright & great future.
With Best Regards,